why do you not like the concept of dating online in iceland only? Just make an OKcupid account don't fill in shit but just see what kind of gay ladies live near you - if you're like 'yo might be cool' then just fill the account in after that. Got nothing to lose son

I’m not sure I can explain it without going on a full-on tangent 

Like at some point maybe, I would, just to try it but I sure can’t right now I have no internet

This is what online dating or meeting people through tumblr is for yo,

Let me remind you that I live in Iceland

Well duh, being straight would be easier. But then you'd have to date dudes! Who would willingly do that? Because I've dated both son and girls all the way.

Yeah but I wouldn’t mind then would I I’d be like hell yeah males gimme summa dat boi instead of being like aw yiss girls that are 97% likely to be straight


From now on Im going to speak like an anime protagonist giving an inspirational speech, because….. *clenches fist* because there are people who believe in me! People who are constantly giving me strength! And even if they’re not with me right now…. *faint smile at the ground*…. They’re always sending  me their wishes a-and I want to be able to give them courage too!!!!

Is there no hot zones of lgbt nightlife or gay bars in old iceland?

I know of at least 1 gay bar but like I’m not old enough to get in there I think and I am a huge fucking loser weenie and continuously turn down my friend’s plans of going anyway

d-do you no longer like the ladies? what is this madness

No no I DO like the ladies still can’t NOT like the ladies